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Message from the CEO, Dr Jane Thomason

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First and foremost, we at Fintech Worldwide do hope that you, your families and friends are safe and well.  We are cognizant that we are operating in unusual times and while this is an opportunity for us all to take stock, review and evaluate what we do, it is also a time filled with promise as we plan (and take) our next steps in the Fintech world.
US Molinari Media, PBC Acquires UK Fintech Worldwide Blockchain Week 2020 SummaryUpdate on London Fintech Week 2020Keep NetworkingStay in Touch with Fintech WorldwideOur favourite inspirational video
US Molinari Media, PBC Acquires UK Fintech Worldwide We are proud to announce that Fintech Worldwide has been acquired by Molinari Media. We see this as an exciting opportunity to pivot and supplement our events business with a large scale digital format, and together we will build the world’s first global media network, championing Fintech, Digital Assets and Impact to serve as the model for the future of business as we know things today.
Read our full press release here.
“We see this as an exciting opportunity to pivot and supplement  our events business with  a large scale digital format, and together we will build the world’s first global media network, championing Fintech, Digital Assets and Impact to serve as the model for the future of business as we know things today,” said Dr. Jane Thomason, CEO Fintech Worldwide.

Dr. Jane Thomason further commented, “Over many years, we have been developing relationships with global leaders in the fintech, digital asset, and impact space. Because of this network, and our global content partners, we can bring bleeding edge thinkers from across the world to our channel. That means we can deliver to our audience the best of the best. This is an incredible opportunity to join forces and bring the latest content and future thinkers to FINTECH.TV.”
These are exciting times and we look forward to providing more information and insights as we build our global network.

Blockchain Week Summary

Below are some learnings from the recent London Blockchain Week 2020 (including the London Blockchain Summit)

1. That we have an amazing community in which many stepped up to the plate to make the events successful.  Sincere and special thanks to those inspiring speakers who stepped into the breach and for all the hard work done by the teams behind the scenes to ensure a thought provoking and connected space during the 2-day London Blockchain Summit;

2. Our booking numbers London Blockchain Summit (and indeed all events across the London Blockchain Week 2020) were good and did exceed expectations.  While not everyone (due to company policies and travel bans) were not able to be physically there, the confidence in our program, the calibre of the speakers, the thought provoking  discussions and the critical networking opportunities did not diminish with lower actual attendees;

3. The use of technology to live stream the Summit on Day 2 was an unplanned but very welcome innovation which allowed us to reach any absent attendees.  This was well utilised;

4. The sense of community and connection inspired by the week of events will continue to build as we host events into the future.

Again, thank you to all – Sponsors, Exhibitors, Speakers, Attendees, Staff, Volunteers and of course the venues for ensuring the success of London Blockchain Week 2020.

Update on London Fintech Week 2020

As many companies are doing, we are continuing to follow the advice of the UK Government in relation to social isolation, social distancing and regulations on when and if events such as our proposed London Fintech Week 2020 can proceed.

At the current time, there is no advice from the UK Government for planned events for July 2020.  Similarly we are regularly receiving updates from other countries as to when borders will reopen – which will of course enable our international speakers and attendees to join us.  We remain on standby for this critical advice and while we are not actively progressing this event, we are ready to ramp up our arrangements should we be advised that London Fintech Week 2020 can proceed in a successful way.  In the meantime, we have refunded all ticket purchases.  If you have not received your refund within the next 7-10 days, please do not hesitate to contact us atevents@fintechww.com
We therefore seek and hope for your understanding, in the full knowledge that if we are able to proceed, this event could be one of the first post Covid-19 events for the Fintech industry and will be an amazing opportunity for us all to share stories, reconnect and plan away forward for our whole industry – particularly in light of the events of the previous months.  Let us not forget that we have some of the brightest minds in the world in the Fintech space and we will encourage many to share their experiences and expertise as speakers, panel members, attendees and guests.So please stay tuned for further updates

Keep Networking
“Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.”
― Michele Jennae 

Well used to working from home (as many governments across the world have instituted), this “downtime” allows all Fintech proponents and companies to not just review their current positioning in the market, but to consolidate and plan for the future.  Sure, many of us are start up companies, relying on seeking expertise and/or funding to enable growth and expansion.  This can be a great opportunity to focus on your core business, and while not discarding any expansion plans, ensure that the base is steady before proceeding into unknown waters.

This can only be enhanced by the established network we have at Fintech Worldwide.  There are a number of ways to find out the latest information on innovations in the Fintech space and we at Fintech Worldwide are determined to continue our brief and passion for ensuring that we provide to you the best possible information.  

Use your (and our - Listed below) networks to keep abreast on all the latest Fintech developments across the world via our networks.

Stay in Touch with Fintech Worldwide

We encourage all in our Fintech Worldwide community to remain connected with the latest happenings in Fintech.  We will be continuing our regular updates – mainly on LinkedIn (fintech Worldwide and my personal page)but with links through to Twitter and where appropriate other social media platforms.  We regularly appear on with the latest insights and comments on the Fintech industry.  Until we announce new connections as a result of our merger with Molinari Media, you can stay in touch wivia any/all of the following:








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Our favourite inspirational videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HezxInuN1YA
“Smiling through tears. This is what humanity is. Coming together while staying apart. Lovely voices, beautiful arrangement. The Carpenters would be happy to bring such solidarity in these difficult days" - Joan Sherlock

Please enjoy this video produced by the Pub Choir is an inspiring, humble and lovely way to finish this message, and a reminder that we are connected
'Pub Choir - Close to you'

With kind regards

Dr Jane Thomason
Fintech Worldwide
E: events@fintechww.com
W: www.fintechworldwide.com Blockchain Technology for Global Social Change 

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