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5 Trends as Blockchain Goes Mainstream 2020 

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Cross-industry collaboration; We are seeing a trend towards cross- industry collaboration. Market incumbents are increasingly aware of start-ups and their respective value propositions and regulators need a detailed understanding of the technology but blockchains begin to connect industries efficiently. Take healthcare for example; blockchains can enable secure sharing of electronic health records and create efficient health payment and insurance systems.

As digital health becomes more prevalent, healthcare providers understand they are part of an increasingly connected ecosystem - only one part of which is health management.ESG Investing ; Millenials and business  are building  closer relationships with start-ups to investigate projects worthy of supporting. This is a rising trend. See more of this on www.Fintech.TV Government support for blockchain  on the rise; While some governments are leaders in creating sandboxes for entrepreneurs to play in, some  governments have been cautious or unsupportive of blockchain technology. Central Bank Digital Currencies, while not  decentralised cryptocurrencies, may help prompt regulatory action around digital financial assets.  Government engagement is on the rise.

Global regulatory progress; Despite the desire to make blockchain as free as possible, in order for it to be widely distributed in any given investment community, there must be some degree of adaptation with traditional ways of operating by introducing regulation.

This usually means Anti-Money Laundering Regulations/Know Your Customer processes, that provide guidelines for financial institutions to comply with to prevent fraud. However, broader frameworks are also required for such purposes as recognising blockchain records, to determine the legal status of tokens and harmonise the relationship between the GDPR ‘right to be forgotten’ and the immutable nature of blocks.#Womeninblockchain; Women have been the minority in blockchain forums, and start-ups.

There is much speculation regarding why, especially given greater female representation is demonstrated to improve company profitability, staff retention and morale. This is slowly changing and we will see greater gender balance is witnessed in the industry in the coming year 2019 saw the stabilising and maturing of the blockchain industry, becoming less about crypto and more about what the technology enables. For us, 2020 represents the year that blockchain goes enterprise - research and development projects will bear results, Libra may force responses from governments and industry may follow suit.

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4. Blockchain and Internet of Things 
5. Blockchain Marketplace is Open for Business.
6. How is Industry Deploying Blockchain? 
7. Creating Transformational Social Impact with Blockchain and Frontier Technologies
8. Will Governments transition to Blockchain? 

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