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Fintech Worldwide is a market leading global innovation and events network with a focus on Fintech, Blockchain, Frontier Technologies and social transformation. Fintech Worldwide connects over 100,000+ developers, industry, academics, media, start-ups, investors globally with a vision to empower people to harness Fintech, Blockchain and other Digital Technologies for their industry and for Global Social Change.

We have been running successful events globally since 2014, and has run over 30 Fintech and Blockchain conferences all over the globe including; UK, USA, Asia, Africa, and the Middle-East.  Join our network to get the latest knowledge, connections and insights.

Fintech TV

A global OTT media platform dedicated to Fintech and bringing global news to Fintech Daily Download, The IMPACT, and The Digital Asset Report. Launched by  New York based Molinari Media, in January 2020.   It is a global trend setting, future forward, trusted global network providing the latest developments to our network.

Financial technology (Fintech) involves the adoption and evolution of technology to improve commercial efficacy and customer experience. From moving money with a smartphone to buying bitcoin, customers expect a great deal from their financial institutions. Fintech.TV  brings the most relevant  news and research in Fintech, DeFi, consumer and financial sector trend analysis to keep you and your team ahead of the curve.

Digital Assets
Digital assets are  digital representation of something of value, for which ownership is verified and recorded, often currency or property.  They  offer financial institutions attractive cost and operational efficiencies, and also can  enable financial inclusion. Governments, central banks, large international non-government organisations and research and development firms are currently collaborating on programmable money. Fintech.TV  brings the most relevant  news and research in Digital Assets.

This Digital impact
The potential of digital technologies  to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has been widely recognised. Frontier technologies present new opportunities and challenges as enablers for the achievement of the SDGs, there is a growing consensus in the global community that the strategic and innovative use of digital and frontier technologies will be an essential enabling factor towards the SDGs. The remarkable evolution and diffusion of digital technologies, underpinned by the contributions of both the public and private sectors, has penetrated into almost all corners of the globe, meaning  that global digital technologies  will increasingly become mainstreamed into shaping the broader digital economy and society of the 21st Century.   TheIMPACT will be global and  will focus on bringing stories on how digital technologies and digital assets are creating social impact and accelerating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals globally  and responds to the demands of millennial investors to ensure that their investments are having impact on Environment, Social and Governance.  

Fintech.TV will broadcast stories from  a global network of correspondents. It will broadcast round the clock.

The founder of TheIMPACT and Digital Asset Report, Vince Molinari says this partnership will bring significant reach and visibility  to some of the most pressing issues around the world.  “These are Issues that Jane and Fintech Worldwide have been talking about for years.  We are excited to join the cause to improve the welfare of millions through our media platform and supporting the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.” some text inside of a div block.

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Digital Impact Week 2019

Join Fintech Worldwide, the leading global network for fintech, blockchain and social impact for the first ever London Digital Impact Week. Come and meet a global community of change makers , innovators, investors, entrepreneurs and visionaries, connected by a purposeful intent to harness the rapid development of technology to reshape markets, society and improve the lives of people everywhere.

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Blockchain Week 2020

Join the world’s leading global network for fintech, blockchain and digital impact for London Blockchain Week 2020, the original annual multi-series of events, covering the latest trends, controversies and education on Blockchain. Come and learn about convergence, decentralised finance, digital assets, the growing enterprise blockchain marketplace, regulation and private currencies and how governments are already deploying Blockchain.

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Fintech Week 2020

We live in one of the most exciting times in history as Fintechs are challenging the global economic system of the past 75 years. Join Fintech Worldwide for London Fintech Week 2020, the original annual multi-series of events, covering the latest trends, controversies and education on Fintech.

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We are looking for highly motivated students who are interested in gaining real-life work experience representing Fintech Worldwide, running meet-ups and to raise brand awareness within their campuses and amongst their peers.

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